Everybody’s biography should be turned into a film – here is why:

We like to remember dear friends and family members – but what do we really remember?
Tiny snap shots that fade with time!

Your life story, filmed while you tell it, allows you to determine how you are going to be remembered, which aspects of your life will be archived forever.

This is your personal testimony.

The DVD could be a gift to your children, grandchildren and friends, or the family could join forces to have the biography of the oldest family member captured while it is still possible.


Passing on knowledge and sharing vital life experiences must be the oldest form of communication. Already the early cave-paintings represented in fact hunting experiences and gave useful advice for generations to come. And the stories told around a camp fire helped the young warriors in finding ways to cope with life’s challenges.

Nowadays life gets increasingly complicated, while less personal experiences are actually passed on.

We turn video into the medium that allows you to relay your story to the next generation. Tell your story, with all its ups and downs; tell us how you liberated yourself from all things negative, how you fought your way through the jungle, the jungle of Borneo and the one of the nearest government agency.

Describe the most important periods of your life in your own words, for your friends and colleagues, but even more so for your relatives and your immediate family. Pass down your knowledge to your grandchildren or simply remind yourself and your loved ones of the most beautiful moments of your life.